The 19th Century adwertisement:

To the recerend priests and respectable congregation
We offer candles of pure bee-wax made by us.


In the willages of Podkarpacie light is still poured. At homes the smell of wax can be felt. Not stearine, not parafin but pure bee wax. Because to pour the light-in the native dialect - means making candles, and if the candles for the second of February are made - wax is indispensable.


Those candles made yellowish wax, slightly smelling of honey not so long ago were the necessary equipment of every house. Especially during storm they have a feeling of safety. At the same time there is something ultimate in then - they were put into the hands of dying - as a symbol of the light of the World-Christ.


Candles were made in different ways in the village houses. Wax pressed with a wooden stick, it was cut along, the knot was put inside and it was pressed again. There was other method as well. Knot were tightened to the wheel and than they were poured with hot liquid wax. At every pouring, and this action was repeated hundreds of times, candles are thicker and thicker until they reached the desired diameter. This ancient technique, almost from the middle ages, is still used in the only in Cracov traditional factory of candles.


The beginning of the firm reaches the 2nd half of the 19th century, exactly 1866 when Feliks Mikesa come to on idea to make candles. And he was the fist one in Cracow. The factory after his death was either taken over or re-bought. However, the spirit and mastership of the craft was not lost. In the 60s of the 20th century the factory, bought by the Śliwa family couldn't find its place in Cracow. After leaving the first place in Sławkowska Street it found its place for same time in św. Krzyża Street, in Bogusławskiego Street, finally to stay in Józef Sary Street.


After 140 years the candles in Cracow's Old Town are made in just the same way as long time ago.


Modern, mass and cheaper techniques kill handcraft. Many-hour works over a candle and slow hand-made decoration is not for companies aiming at quick profit and accidental customer. Our company cultivates good old traditions. Our customers have been faithful for years and we try to make for them even non-standard and individual orders. Our candles can be found in churches of all Poland, Slovakia, and North America, in missions in Africa, Brazil and Argentina.


They were many times in the altars during the pilgrimages of the pope John Paul II. The film producer, who made great national epics, also ordered them. They played among others in J. Hoffman`s "By fire and sword ", in A. Wajda`s "Pan Tadeusz", and "Zemsta" and lately in American-Italian production "The Pope John Paul II".


They light the palace on water in Łazienki, the palace in Niepołomice and they create unrepeatable climate in many Cracow`s restaurant and caffes.